I feel like our “about” changes every week, so I guess I should write some of the few things that are actually constant in the lives of Zach and I.

Our names are Zach and Gene’.

We are super-newlyweds.

We are currently sharing the gospel in Nashville living and working among refugees.

We are obsessed with the Gospel and taking it to The Ends of The Earth.

We have both previously served in Africa.

We are praying and preparing to pack our bags again in order to continue to share the gospel internationally in the fall of this year.

We would be stoked for you to join us in this journey through this blog and through prayer. zachandgene-032



2 thoughts on “About

  1. G, You have truly turned into a Beautifull Girl inside and out. It seems like yesterday you guys were moving to WW and now you have followed Gods Call on your life and he will bless your spirit and efforts. My family and I will continually lift you up in prayer while your over there and pray for God to keep you safe and focused on his will. Your Family is very special to me and my family and to watch you guys follow the gospel to the ends of the earth is truly awsome, God Bless. Terry and Marie Kelley

  2. G, you sound like my own Savannah at your age and younger. She knew without a doubt and God spoke to her at 15 saying “take care of my children”. She has had the most spirit filled women in her life to guide her and not just keeping her on the path selected but insuring she prepared for His service. Do not limit your self by wanting it all now my way. She just graduated University of Mobile in education and is now going to SouthEastern for Intercultural Studies. I say this to you to not discourage you but to get all the education and mission experience you can until you are assigned a place to serve Him and his little ones. Savannah has worked ever summer either over seas or here in ministry since she was 15. While in college she served both on staff with children, taught Esl to refugees, served in many different churches. She stayed in the Word, stayed close to Adults she admired, and sought guidiance from those that modeled the life she is persuing. Seek Him little one, stay on the golden brick road and your search will result in finding not just your home with him but all the little ones you bring too. Remember we are all aliens here.

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