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You know that time in your life where nothing seems to be going too right? That time where whenever something good actually happens there are about a billion other things in your life that suck so bad you feel like an octopus is stuck to your face? I have fortunately never literally had an octopus stuck to my face, but I can imagine that its thousands of little suckers probably feel about as painful and lousy as these billions of little things that just keep going wrong in our lives.

I think most people would say that they’re either there right now, or that they definitely know that time and they are super glad they aren’t there right now!

And who can really blame them! It really is a lousy place to be and no one would seriously choose to be lousy rather than happy, right?

It’s kind of like Joseph in the bible. I mean this guy has this crazy dream where he sees himself in a high position in the land to the point in which even his brothers are there and they’re bowing to him. Too bad no one told Joseph that his brothers weren’t all too fond of him being dads favorite son with the flashy cute coat, and when he told them that he had that dream something in them just snapped. After much debate these brothers decide not to kill Joseph and instead sold him off to one of the local caravans travelling about. And then this caravan decides to sell him to this dude named Potiphar. And then Potiphar’s wife tries to sleep with Joseph and he says uh no no. And then Joseph gets thrown in jail because Potiphar thinks that Joseph was actually trying to sleep with his wife. And then Joseph is in jail for many years. And then Joseph dies. The End.

Fantastic story isn’t it?

At this point most of you are going,” Um, is he reading the same bible that I read?”

Well the answer is yes, but here is my point.

How often do we as Christians cut ourselves short of the whole story?
How often do we let the billions of bad things rob us of all the good that God has blessed us with as well as the ending that he has promised us?

The answer my friends is way too often.

Too often we allow these things to creep up on us and then… and then… and then…

And then we don’t even see the good. We totally miss it. We don’t see what God could potentially be doing in the meanwhile and we are for sure not hopeful for what the end result will be because we are so focused on the negative.

In the midst of all the bad we tend to think that the only way our story ends is like that of Joseph and the coat of no good, downright, awful colors rather than the real story of Joseph and the coat of many colors. Which might I add ends with Joseph becoming #2 in the land because he interprets Pharaoh’s dream, his brothers come and end up bowing to him like his dream said at the beginning of the story, and oh I dare not forget to remind all of you that because of God using Joseph during this whole time Israel literally gets saved from a famine.

I mean WOO!

Now that is an ending to a story! Talk about God having a plan all along and knowing exactly what He was going to do with Joseph! I seriously can’t think of a better underdog story than that! (Except for Gideon, his story is just righteous(Pun definitely intended)) The crazy thing though is that we are promised that ending! We are promised by God that we will withstand through trials and tribulations of every kind, and no matter what on the back end we are going to come out victorious over those struggles.

So again I go back to my question, no one would seriously choose to be lousy rather than happy, right?

It all comes down to a choice, and it indeed is a choice.

In our family we have a running theme.

“Choose Joy”

And as I sit here fighting back tears looking at this chalkboard decoration on our wall that has this theme written on it, and I ponder over this theme that I have oh so struggled with for quite some time now, all I can really think to do is encourage everyone else who reads this to remember that joy is a choice.

And if we decide to not choose joy then we also decide to not trust in Gods ending to the struggle.

I think it’s about time that I put that chalkboard in a place where I can focus a little bit better on choosing joy for a while,

What about you?

To The Ends of The Earth



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