Sometimes love sucks.

I know everyone has different seasons of their life… and for whatever reason for the past month, trying to be loving has been much harder than usual.

There are a few events in particular that I believe have been teaching me hard lessons about love recently:

The first one started with me walking into a gas station a few weeks ago.

As I approached the counter there was a really loud and obnoxious argument happening between a woman and the employee behind the register…

She was arguing loudly with him over some discount that resulted in what I understood to be a TEN CENT difference. I’m fully aware that this stuff happens when you work with people,

and the lady might’ve been having a bad day,

BUT it wasn’t the argument that annoyed me most about this situation…

It was the fact that written in large bold letters on her hot pink baseball cap was the name “JESUS” followed by a Bible verse.

The second one happened almost a month ago. I was invited to a worship service at a church by some people who were playing worship music outside close to the place I work.

I was told that the service would be worship music only, and that no one was going to preach;

it was going to be a bunch of young people singing and playing instruments, worshipping loudly and freely…

Sounds awesome right?!

Well after worship a guy came to the front with a large white board (which always makes me nervous) and was preparing to give a message.

I will spare you the gory details but between the

“Beyonce is possessed!”

“don’t hang out with sinners!”

“If you watch pg13 movies you are going to hell!”


“I had to repent for even READING a description of The Walking Dead”

I wanted to throw his white board in a wood chipper.

God’s very existence is love.

Jesus’ entire message was love.

In both of these instances I couldn’t help but want to shake these people and yell “BUT WHAT ABOUT LOVE”

Unfortunately because of these experiences recently, and a few other things I won’t mention, I have grown really bitter and annoyed with people…

Which is pretty ridiculous because the very thing I’m getting angry with them for doing I am beginning to do myself.

I started to feel like Jonah when he was pretty much throwing a temper tantrum screaming to the heavens “But God, these people suck!”

Such a loving thing to do… right? **sarcastic voice **

A few days ago I was sitting in my living room looking at my bookshelf, and I was reminded of a Bible lesson I taught the refugee kids in my community around a month err so ago.

The lesson was about the Tower of Babel.

I used the game Jenga as an illustration for the story,

But before we played the game I looked around at all of the different cultures and languages represented in the room and got a few of the kids to write their languages on the blocks.

After they got done writing down all the languages we played the game…

Like every other game of Jenga…

at the end

the tower falls.

After the tower fell and all the kids screamed and giggled, the languages were scattered on the floor.

As the Jenga blocks were all over the floor

I looked at the blocks that were covered in messy handwriting representing all the different people groups and nations in that room,

And I felt like God said to me “look at all of those I love”.

Although that seemed obvious at the time,

I now know what He meant,

and that He knew that I would be sitting on my couch, just a few nights ago, finally ready to listen to what He is trying to say.

I have such a small understanding of people,

I am not capable of seeing into the ugliest part of our souls, but God knows us, EVERY part of all of us,

literally every people group that those blocks represented and more, and still loves them unconditionally and all I am capable of trying to do is love the people He has put in my path, even if they are wrong,

and I struggle arrogantly to even do that.

I am constantly blown away by Gods love, even if it means teaching me a lesson via Jenga.

This life is so short, guys.

We are so limited on our own.

But Christ’s love is big enough to cover this globe, this universe, and more.

We are asked to join in this journey of love, whether it is to the ends of the earth, or in our local gas station, and I’m pretty stoked about it,


Thanks sooooo much to all of you guys that are keeping up with what is happening here in Nashville

I wouldn’t be able to be here without all of the prayer and support.



To the Ends of The Earth



3 thoughts on “LOVING JENGA

  1. I have said this before, but will state it again, you are wise beyond your years, B. I am always inspired by the fresh insights you share with all of us. Love how the Lord is using you in the Music City, and you are continually in my prayers. Looking forward to the next blog!

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