It really frustrates me when I feel out of control or like I don’t know whats going on,

and all day today, despite other people even reminding me that it is Monday,

I (for some reason) have refused to come to the realization that it is,

in fact…  M O N D A Y.

I’ve been hanging out and working with a short-term team the past week or so and will be with them this week too,

and all morning I was painting and making plans with them for tomorrow…

Only to get in the car and realize that none of what I just planned was going to actually happen

because I help teach an art class tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m not mad about having to teach art tomorrow, that is usually one of the highlights of my week…

but it is really unnerving to me, for some reason, when I feel like I don’t know what is really going on.

(I’m only slightly a control freak)

So surprise you guys! It’s Monday!!!!

I can’t help but wonder if this happens more than I realize.

Like, I bet on multiple occasions I have been sitting around making plans for the rest of my week out of my own agenda and God is sitting there laughing and shaking his head at me because I am so far off.

Today has been a serious reminder that I really don’t know what is going on.

I bet God (lovingly) laughs at me a lot.

I feel like even when I came to Africa I subconsciously made an agenda of what I would be doing when God’s only real instruction to me was to GO.

Sooo many times I make plans without even knowing “the day of the week”.

I am leaving Africa on May first…

and if I were being honest with you guys I would probably say that has really been freaking me out lately.

So recently I have been in this crazy mindset of gogogo and dododo because I only have this amout of time left…

and I haven’t stopped to really pray through what God has planned for me to do in my last stretch, of this season of my life, in Swaziland.

So today I would encourage you to just chill,

and really pray about, not your own schedule, but what Christ is doing in and around you.

And as for me… I think I’ll start with Monday (:


To The Ends Of The Earth