Two weeks ago after our staff meeting I overheard a conversation about a few children who were living on their own and had no food.

Immediately I felt like the Lord was leading me to say something and to see what I could do to help out.

A couple days later one of the full time workers here planned a time with me to go buy food for the family and bring it to their homestead.

Somehow from the time that I agreed to help out, to the night before, the plan had changed quite a bit. There was no longer only one family that needed food, but three.

Since I’ve been in Swaziland I have practically begged the Lord to show me ways I can be used to help out the needs in the families around me, so when I heard that there was no longer one family but three I knew that God was answering my prayers.

While it was overwhelming at first, my friend who went to the supermarket with me had bought food for needy families before, and she knew the general idea of what they would need.

At the end of our shopping trip I was a little nervous, food was falling out of our two shopping carts they were so full. I don’t have an unlimited amount of resources so I kept trying to remind myself that God provides for us when we are faithful.

After all of the food was rung up and bagged I spent a total of around $60 American Dollars. I nearly cried over how cheap it was. God showed His faithfulness to me again, and for some reason it continues to blow my mind.

After we bought the food we headed out to the community were the kids live.

The first homestead we went to was a mud hut that was falling apart. The lady that we were with told us that around five kids live there. After we gave them the food and got back in the car she told us their story…

The little boy that was sitting in my lap on the way there is HIV positive. He has been so sick recently everyone in the community thought he would surely die. After he was found and taken to the hospital he returned to the carepoint. Now everytime someone asks the ladies that work at the carepoint about the boy, they tell them that he is the reason they know God can raise people from the dead. He walks two hours to the carepoint everyday to get a meal, by the time he finally gets home I can only imagine that he is hungry again, this time with nothing to eat. His older sister lives at the homestead also. Their parents died when they were young so they moved in with a family that offered a roof over their heads. The girl was 13 and was taken advantage of. As soon as the family found out that she was pregnant they made her leave. So now she is 15 with a small child. She can’t go to school and she has no money to support her family. God lead us to this homestead for a reason, I just wish there was more I could do for them. Food can fill their empty stomaches but it was obvious that there were more problems there than what we could see with our eyes.

After we had given food to the three homesteads I felt like an elephant ran over my heart.

They all had one thing in common… no parents.

I assume that most of the adults in these children’s lives have either died because of HIV/AIDS or have abandoned their children because they simply can not provide.

I want so much to just take these kids in myself, give them chocolate milk and introduce them to fun things like The Lion King and Scooby Doo. That is what kids should be doing, not fighting to survive.

I wish I had a happy ending for you, I wish I could tell you that all of their problems were solved right in front of my eyes that day.

But truth be told, I only gave them food, and they will be hungry again.

It is an everyday battle to trust the Lord with not only my future but the future of these children and this country. I know He loves us, and I know that the battle has already been won and he is King of all of the Universe. But it’s weeks like these when it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I can only imagine how hard it must be for these children.

Please pray for these families and for the families like them all over the planet.


To The Ends of The Earth




Remember those kids I wrote about last week??…

Well… because of some of you guy’s donations and responses to last weeks blog, I was able to purchase six mattresses and deliver them to some pretty excited faces this week.

The first homestead I wrote about had three children sleeping on the floor.


The second homestead I wrote about had six children sleeping on a crammed twin size bed, and a mom and sick grandfather sleeping on the cement floor.


I wish you guys could’ve seen their faces as they received such small gifts that meant the entire world to them.







These are just a few of the faces that have been impacted by you guys’ giving to the least of these, I’m just happy God is allowing me to be a small part of all that he is doing in Swaziland.

Thanks again for all of your generosity and prayers. To God be the glory.

To The Ends of The Earth